Friday, December 18, 2009

Drake - Best of Drizzy 4

Drake fans, Drake haters, and those who haven't really bothered to check him out, now is the time to do so. I promise you people if you like good music you will enjoy "Best Of Drizzy 4"! If you don't then you might wanna go see your ear, nose, and throat doctor because something is wrong.

Download Mixtape Here

Release Notes
"Back once again, with the 4th episode of the "Best Of Drizzy" series. Quick reminder, we do not profit from these tapes so download and enjoy. All songs are CDQ/NODJ and what would a "Best Of Drizzy" tape be without some birdmanless songs?"

1.Drake - Beautiful Music
2.Drake - Say Something (feat. Timbaland)
3.Drake - 4 My Town (feat. Lil Wayne)
4.Drake - King Leon
5.Drake - Darlin' (feat. Lil Wayne)
6.Drake - Scriptures
7.Drake - Money (Original)
8.Drake - Fed Up (feat. Jeezy, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne & Usher)
9.Drake - Mo Milli (feat. Bun B)
10.Drake - Do What You Do (Original)
11.Drake - Girl You Know (feat. Young Money & Omarion)
12.Drake - Believe It Or Not
13.Drake - House Forever (Mash-Up) (feat. Eminem)
14.Drake - Runaway Girl (feat. Colin Munroe)
15.Drake - Make It Go (feat. Belly)
16.Drake - Hurt
17.Drake - Forever (Travis Barker Remix)

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